Elegant & Stylish

Travel in the style. These custom coaches are your home at the club, at the office, downtown and especially on the road. Why not arrive with in class with everything you need at your fingertips. Plenty of room for your wardrobe, your friends & your family.

Safest Way to Travel

Coaches are heavy duty vehicles built for daily use on rough streets to convey passengers safely from city to city. These vehicles are safe just by their bulk alone.With large wheels, you travel above the belt line, any intrusion from another vehicle hits below the passenger level. These vehicles are secure in their structure with one front heavy duty lockable door plus emergency exits in the roof.


Our coaches have regular house current at 115 volts for your accessories running off of a built in generator or hooked up to the local house current. Plenty of storage area below in the bins or above in closets. Most coaches have satellite television watchable while traveling down the road for all of your business & stock updates along with the latest movies for your entertainment.


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